2015-7-27 - July 27, 2015 1

Mondays with Edison

  This is what he does ALL DAY LONG! Most days all of the chairs in our house are turned over on their sides, to keep him from climbing onto the tables!

2015-7-20 - July 20, 2015 0

Mondays with Edison

Poor third child – his Mama forgot to take a picture yesterday, so this week’s Monday picture is really a Tuesday morning picture of Eddie sending Daddy off to work!

2015-7-13 - July 13, 2015 0

Mondays with Edison

I’m posting this a day late because last night we lost power due to a very impressive thunderstorm. The power came back on two hours later, but the internet didn’t start working again until...

Month 17 0

Month Seventeen

Dear Edison, Today you are seventeen months old! You’re a tall and skinny guy, and you’re running all over the place now. You’ve turned into a crazy little tornado who flips our whole house...

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May and June in Review

I can’t believe I forgot this last month! Actually, it’s totally believable that I forgot. Things are crazy around here! Here’s what happened in May… Amelia’s missing her two front teeth! Grandma and Grandpa...